Cornell Club of Arizona
Board Meeting Notes
September 11, 2019


  • Convene/Roll Call/Quorum
  • Old Business – Review AR’s from last BOD
  • New Business
  • Upcoming Events
    • September Ivy Council date/location
    • September CU AZ leaders
    • September New Residents/Students
    • October – Zinck’s
    • Other – discuss
  • Other business
  • Next BOD meeting: 5:00 PM Sept. 20 at Carlsbad Taverns in Scottsdale

Roll Call

  • Tom Dewey, Jean-Moise Jeanty, Seth Kromholz, and Doug Webb were present (online Go-To-Meeting). This constituted a quorum for conducting Club business.

Old Business – Review


  • Roles
    • Note-taking and distribution: Rotate (Doug today, 9/11)
    • Secretary/Treasurer: Seth (confirmed vote from previous meeting on 08/28)
    • Young Alumni outreach – JM to arrange a hike in December
  • Social Media
    • Web: Seth can maintain
    • FB: Donnelly + Seth can maintain
    • LinkedIn: JM can maintain
  • Feedback
    • Update BOD minutes (Complete – closed)
    • Update Pres. Letter
    • Keep upd. Calendar + links “more info”
    • Feature Upcoming Activities
    • Link Social Media to iModules registration (all channels)
    • FB – same content as website
    • Master Content –
      • Link to (placement, events, on-line courses)
      • Honor CU “logon access points”
      • All: offer ideas on CU links to include
      • LinkedIn – more relevant to jobs/careers/networking
      • FB – same content as website
  • AZ Outreach
    • JM: Hotel Society
    • Doug: CALS/ILR/Arts & Sciences
    • Seth: Architecture/Engineering/Law
    • Tom: Medical/Vet/Entrepreneur/Big Red Investments
      Contacts: Keith Underwood (Hotel), Julie Philips (Hotel), Dick Fincher (ILR), Amy Miller (ILR)
      Happy Hour Friday Sept 20 (see events)
  • Sept/Oct/Nov events
    • Ivy meeting:
      • Scheduled Sept. 09 (note added after the meeting – had to cancel, need to reschedule)
    • Hotel Society – Discuss at upcoming Happy Hour
    • CU AZ leaders:
      • Happy Hour 9/20/2019 at Carlsbad Taverns. Leader event starts 5:30, CC AZ Board discussion at 5:00.
    • Zinck’s Night October 17, 2019 5:30-8:00 at Rúla Búla in Tempe
      • Discussed fee for event to propose to host Steve Goumas.
    • New Student event – Hike on Dec. 06 (JM to organize)
    • Cornell Cares Day – can be scheduled Nov. to January (or even other times). Doug to find the contact for the Stanford Club, which has hosted events in past years (Tracey Jaffee)
    • Annual Holiday Party – January (Doug to reach out to Karen Beckvar)
  • Follow up: Survey at Send off
    • TD: Share list of possible activities from survey, feedback, etc.
    • TD: Publish list of Send-off attendees
    • TD + JM: stir up idea for recent grads
    • TD + Seth: stir up idea for seasoned grads


  • Discussion of current banking issues
    • Seth needs a copy of Board minutes showing that he is now serving as Club Secretary.
  • Currently Chase is assessing $15/mo for balance below $1500.
  • Seth – prepare an estimate of annual operating expenses for the Club – so we can estimate annual Fundraising needs (AR)
  • Events
    • See events listed above

New Business – 8/28/2019

  • See notes above