Cornell According to Sound: Your chance to visit campus this year

Three screening dates: 12/6, 12/8, or 12/9

This holiday season, hear the roar of Ithaca Falls, the music of the Chimes resonating across campus, and the clatter of a Big Red Hockey game, all while staying cozy at home.

Public radio sound producers Chris Hoff ’02 and Sam Harnett spent time recording sounds on and around campus, digging through archives, and listening to research. Now, they’re going to share everything they’ve discovered and created with you.

Join us for Cornell According to Sound, an immersive live sound experience designed for you to plug in your headphones, tune in, and chill out. Close your eyes and enjoy this unique audio sensory ride: it’s Cornell like you’ve never heard it before.

Read more and register today by visiting this link.